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Core features of gameloop.io

Gameloop.io offers game developers of any size a community feedback platform with numerous features that improve communication with players. If your game is in an early alpha/beta phase or you plan on extending your game after release, you can use gameloop.io to streamline the feedback process with your players.

Ideas and Voting

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Players submit feedback in form of ideas which are voted by the community to find the best suggestions.

Micro Crowdfunding

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Great ideas & planned items are turned into trackable "Features". Players can support the development via micro crowdfunding.

Issue Tracking

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Let players report the problems they have with your game. Reports are synchronized with your JIRA project or Trello board.

Community Forums

Set up a complete discussion board in seconds. Forums can be categorized and you can choose between flat or nested threads.


You can keep players up-to-date by posting updates to a subscribable updates section for your game.

Developers   —   Why develop in the dark?

Reduce the risk around your next game - let your audience tell you exactly what they want.

Gameloop.io gets players more involved in the game, giving you:

Greater audience engagement

Reach a passionate community of early-access players who actively participate in making your game a success.

Funding when needed

Allow players to crowdfund individual features with our innovative step-by-step approach.

A better game

Find out exactly which features players are excited about and which problems need the highest priority - and reduce development time and cost for non-essentials.

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